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My Core Values

INTEGRITY If we are going to live our best life, that means enjoying what we do in all aspects of life. It means enjoying our work as much as we enjoy our downtime. It means surrounding our self with people who share in our values and want to create change in the world by bringing these values forward. To me integrity is serving from the highest good in myself as a business owner so I can serve the highest good in others. 

AUTHENTICITY Requiring authenticity in my work has also created a deeper need for truth within myself. Of honouring my harder days along with my easier days. Of learning that it’s okay to say no, or not today and that every time I do that I lay out the courage for someone else to do the same.

CONNECTION Building connection is an important framework behind all I do. Being witness to the bonding that happens inside shared experiences is a foundation of my work and propels me forward. My own friendships and ties to various communities are an important part of who I am and are a lifeline to me everyday. 

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

EXPERIENCE To experience your truth within your own heart. This is entirely a visceral experience, a feeling, like a sixth sense. That inner knowing. This is the experience we deserve when we practice Yoga.

PASSION When you find what you were meant to do, you can literally do nothing else. Teaching and sharing movement practices so we can be more in tune with our body is what I was put on this planet to do. In Yoga we call this dharma and it is aligned with following your soul’s purpose. 

EMPOWERMENT I think of Yoga as my superpower, helping me hone my physical and mental strength to help me stand in my own power. To claim my personal power in the world. To trust myself, and to never be afraid to ask for what I want and need. 

LOYALTY For me loyalty means that we are in it for the long road and we are in it together. I recognize this in others as well and something I deeply admire. This is what our communities are founded upon. When you show up for people you are building a foundational base of trust that connects us all. Loyalty helps us know that we are never alone. 

Lisa Greenbaum trauma informed Yoga
Photo by: Laura Pedersen