Pay It Forward

There was a really cute photo floating around Facebook this week, cut up into all these sections: this is what my friends think I do, this is what my students think I do, this is what I feel like I do etc… from turning ourselves into pretzels, screaming like lunatics and blissfully meditating the day away. The irony was in how true the pictures really were, and the misconception of how hard our jobs can be. Certainly some days are luxurious but most are grueling. Broken up schedules, running back and forth across town and minimal time off. Yet we do what we do because we love it, it is our passion, and personally I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We teach through colds, injuries and all the ups and downs of life with smiles on our faces, in hopes of making a tiny difference in peoples lives. And that’s it – that’s why we do what we do. I wonder sometimes if our students realize how much they give us, just by showing up and thanking us after class.

I had the most amazing moment last weekend in a training that I was leading. The kind of moment that as a trainer you dream of, that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck and tears spring to your eyes. One of the women kept referencing her yoga teachers, how inspiring they are, how good they make her feel every class and help her to work hard but stay in the moment. Then she mentioned the teacher’s names – which I will do here in hopes they read this J Terra Nicole and Josie Portolesi from the GoodLife Fitness club in Hamilton. Even as I type this I can’t stop smiling!  I have trained both of them numerously through YogaFit. I certainly won’t take the credit for what lovely teachers they have become because that is all them, their warm hearts, caring attitudes and beautiful smiles. I had the pleasure of witnessing a small part of their transformation into yoga teachers, watching ideas spark and their confidence grow.

However, the idea that I played a small part, by paying forward the amazing gifts I have been given over the last ten years in this industry is exactly why I do what I do. To hear the praise of these teachers going out and now paying forward, to inspire new instructors to go through trainings and pay forward and inspire others by developing their own yoga practice, this is humbling.

I am only a small piece in a massive spiral of inspiration that began with the instructors I followed when I first began my career to finding YogaFit and the amazing trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. We often never know how we impact others, but please know if you are out there, sharing your passion – you are impacting others, inspiring others and paying forward.

Yours in happiness and health,

Lisa xo

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  1. So true. I teach a Restorative yoga class, and I have women who comes to help her heal, relax and renew. Her husband is ill and she is busy taking care of him. Today, she thanked me and continued to tell me that today was the first time she experienced herself let go since her husband fell ill. We do make a difference.

  2. WOW this is so awesome and yes I have seen Terra in action and she is really inspiring. And wow both from Good Life Fitness… Congratulations Lisa you have done enormous work to bring Yogafit Canada where it is right now, you deserve to be proud of that for sure and how about the teaching part, I have done some training with you and have to admit you really impressed me. Namaste my friend.

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