Your Yoga journey is an evolution, a revolution. A revolt against the status quo, the ego mind, the living blindly – or more specifically living in ignorance. We are not here to change ourselves, but rather to come back home. To come back to our Self. We are whole as we are already.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Lisa Greenbaum

Your Yoga journey is to build knowledge. How it will imprint on you will be different than anyone else because this knowledge is fluid, it relies on our own experience in the world, in our hearts and in our minds. It is also impossible to go through this experience without changing because we are also fluid and vibrational.

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is composed of 5 separate modules.

Yoga Foundations – 37.5 hours (5 days – over two weekends)

Yoga in Practice – 45 hours (6 days over two weekends)

Yoga Energy Body – 37.5 hours (5 days – over two weekends)

Yoga for Wellness – 45 hours (6 days – over two weekends)

Yoga Teaching Skills – 35 hours (4.5 days – over two weekends + 1-hr mentorship call)

These five training modules that make up the 200-hour program, are for anyone searching to deepen their Yoga practice and education. For those looking for an inspirational experience founded on authenticity. For those yearning to find community, acceptance and a deeper connection to SELF. With an emphasis on trauma-informed practices and practices to support our mental well-being, these training modules are for anyone searching for something different than is often offered in a westernized Yoga education.


Lisa Greenbaum Yoga + Wellness 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training is accredited by Yoga Alliance under their elevated standards.

Canadian Income Tax receipts are issued for all modules attended at the end of the year.


  • Each module is composed of a set number of hours that includes theory, practice, readings and a final assignment.
  • Each module is taught over two separate weekends either Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday depending on number of hours. Hybrid options are available, see below under individual trainings.
  • A comprehensive printed or digital manual will be provided for each training.
  • Modules can be taken individually should you only be interested in a particular subject for CECs or personal knowledge. Note: to become a certified Yoga Teacher all 200-hours must be completed.
  • Commit to the full 200-hour program (with payment plan) for 10% off + receive a gift bag valued at $80. CAD
  • Start your journey anytime, each module can be taken in any order with the exception of Yoga for Teaching Skills which can only be taken as your final module (unless you hold a 200-hr YTT from another school).
  • There is no time limit to complete all 5 modules.
  • Each module offers Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance and canfitpro.
  • Training modules are open to anyone looking to learn. Some Yoga experience is required. (see virtual classes here)
  • After completion of all 5 modules and assignments a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate will be awarded.
  • Discounts available for canfitpro members, please enquire.
  • Please read Terms & Conditions for more info.
Yoga Foundations


Why Practice Yoga? In this module we will cover the foundations of a Yoga education based on the wisdom and lineage from our teachers in India. Learning includes:

  • Yoga Philosophy as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  • The foundations of the Sanskrit language.
  • The Yamas & Niyamas – Yogic Principles for daily living.
  • The history of Yoga and honouring culture.
  • The first weekend of training can be done online.


How to practice Yoga? In this module we will cover our Yoga experience on the mat. Learning includes:

  • Functional anatomy including movement patterns and adjustments.
  • Pose breakdown for 60+ postures.
  • Sun & Moon Salutations.
  • Foundational pranayama/Breath-based practices.
  • Active & Gentle Class Flows.
  • Both training weekends must be in-person.
Yoga Energy Body

Deepening your Yoga practice. In this module we will explore the subtle body and expand our mind/body connection through meditation. Learning includes:

  • The seven chakras and an in-depth exploration of each.
  • The five koshas and creating structure for daily practice.
  • Deepening of pranayama/breath-based practices.
  • Meditation – establishing our self-practice.
  • Mantra work and chanting.
  • The first weekend of training can be done online.
Yoga for Wellness


Yoga as a conduit for wellness and healing. In this module we learn the concepts of a trauma-informed practice and how to create a safe space for all our students, including ourselves. Learning includes:

  • Understanding how the brain/body process trauma.
  • How to support and release trauma somatically (through the body)
  • Modifications and options for practice including: chronic pain and other special conditions (including pregnancy).
  • Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga sequence.
  • The first weekend of training can be done online.
Yoga Teaching Skills

Sharing the light. After the four previous modules have been completed, we put all our education and experiences together to now share with others. Learnings include:

  • Sequencing of postures and class design.
  • How to lead meditation circles.
  • How to lead group classes and private sessions.
  • Components of virtual teaching.
  • Marketing and business skills in the Wellness Industry.
  • Both training weekends must be in-person.
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


Register for the full 200-hour program with a $450 CAD deposit and receive:

  • 10% off all of your trainings
  • Choose the dates of your training modules (within 24 months)
  • Flexible payment plan to follow until 30 days prior to last course.
  • The peace of mind that your training plan is laid out for you.
  • Building community with others through shared experience.
  • A gift bag valued at $80. CAD that includes some of the required reading materials.

QUESTIONS? Please reach out

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Lisa Greenbaum, has over 20 years of experience teaching, 10 of which as a Yoga teacher trainer and Director of a Yoga school. She has studied in Canada, USA and India. She holds her E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance + C-IAYT Yoga Therapist. She has over 1000 hours of study and 5000 hours of teaching. Read more here.


Having done several trainings with you, you inspired me so much Lisa! I dreamed of being a trainer like you one day – articulate, thoughtful and thought-provoking, knowledgeable and personal at the same time. You know your stuff and have a unique perspective to offer. – Sarah B. 

My favourite teacher, thank you Lisa for your creativity ,confidence and knowledge, as well as your high standards. It was an absolute pleasure to be taught by you. – Rosie H

Lisa’s workshops at canfitpro always led me to a deeper practice, and a more thoughtful one for my client base. Always engaging, knowledgeable , I still have all my notes. Now meeting her again through WIFA- I am thrilled to see the path she is on-filled with care and integrity. – Fyonna V.

Lisa has inspired me to Kickstart my journey as a yoga instructor. Her passion, resilience and insights continue to influence my journey as a trainer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – Connie D.

Lisa is the reason I can and love teaching yoga, coming all the way to NZ. She totally understood that we can teach in a range of environments including gyms and how that differs to more intense teaching styles. She instilled in me that yoga is for every-body and enabled me to bring yoga to hundreds. I even taught some classes while cruising to Antarctica, so please know your teaching has really reached the ends of the earth! – Felicity W.

I did my first ever yoga teacher training with Lisa and it began my lifelong journey with the practice. Lisa was an amazing teacher. Kind, gentle, knowledgeable and patient. I loved the way she taught our classes, and I have taken a lot of the way she taught into how I teach and still teach. She taught us how to teach in a trauma aware style from day one, so it just became the norm for the way I teach. A skill I have been thankful for every day. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for an amazing teacher and experience, on your yoga journey, then please take the journey with Lisa. – Sue M. (Australia)