3 Steps for a Yogi Holiday Season

It happens every year. As December 1st comes closer we begin to envision a magical holiday season, different than any other year. Our house is perfectly decorated, we finished all our shopping weeks early, we have successfully completed all of our holiday traditions and even started a few more, delivered home baked cookies to all of our neighbours and on the big day we are well rested and full of Christmas spirit. Now that we have switched off [insert any] Christmas movie on W network, we are ready to take on real life. Just like real life, trying to make everything perfect all the time is a useless and thankless place to be, with the only one suffering is ourself. Before the madness begins, STOP! and let’s create our intention for the holidays.

Step #1: What is our intention?

What do we want most for Christmas? This has nothing to do with stuff, we can (and probably already have) taken care of that part. But what do we really want? Do we want to enjoy dinner without political warfare? Do we want our children to be grateful for what they receive? Do we want to simply enjoy the season and be present without feeling like time and money are constantly slipping through our fingers like a sieve?

Take a moment to focus on what you really want, and then let all the other stuff go. If it’s most important that everyone gets along around the dinner table, then stop stressing about the gravy burning. By focusing on the gravy (insert metaphor of your choosing) and missing Grandmas comment around the new sex ed policies in schools our intentions quickly become lost, out of control and the gravy burns anyways. Also – share your intention with those who will support you in your cause. So you can watch the gravy knowing that your brother is ready with his divergent skills as required.

Step #2: Create an affirmation

Now that our intention has been set, and our Christmas wish has been sent off to Santa how can we use the law of attraction so it will come true? An affirmation is a short statement that is both positive and based in the present. As per the example above: “Peace surrounds me” is perfect to repeat to ourself right before we answer Grandma. An affirmation solidifies the intention and helps us to stay focused. The more we repeat the affirmation, the stronger it becomes. If spending quality time with our family is the most important part of the holidays, repeating: “family time is precious” will help us let go of the giant mess created when the kids build a fort in the living room with every cushion and blanket from the house. Affirmations can also create reality. If we want our kids to be more grateful, by repeating our gratitude mantra (mantra is another word for affirmation) with them we are teaching them the values we wish to instil.

Step #3: Meditate

Without daily focus both our intention and affirmations will be lost and once again we will find ourself stressing over what isn’t important and missing out on what is. No matter how busy we get, carve out a minimum of 10 minutes everyday (preferably at the same time) to sit quietly and repeat our affirmation. Daily practice and meditation will help us stay clear amidst the chaos. It will remind us of this time right now as we are reading this, before the business began, of what we really wanted for Christmas this year, and in the true magic of Christmas will make sure that we get it.

Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful holiday season, Namasté


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