Become Trauma Aware

Together, we can truly create change and provide healing in the Yoga/movement space: mind, body and spirit.

This course will discuss the latest scientific research on trauma and how we can apply these findings to our Yoga practice both as teachers and students. Working somatically (through the body) we will also explore flow sequencing, breathing and meditation techniques to release chronically held tension and the negative thought patterns that follow a traumatic event.

In understanding how we process trauma, we can slowly begin to unravel the layers for our own healing. Through Yoga, we begin to re-connect to our selves, our breath and the present moment. While there are many paths for healing, incorporating somatic work, through the body will help us complete this cycle.

This course is open to everyone with a desire to deepen their understanding on how the body holds and processes trauma. Experience with Yoga while recommended, is not required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the brain & nervous system process trauma
  • Learn how Yoga is a powerful healing mechanism for trauma
  • Understand the impact of generational trauma and the impact on our DNA.
  • Learn how to be trauma aware in group settings and with private clients

Choose How You Want to Learn:

This course is offered in a variety of ways to appeal to your learning style, pace of learning and desire for when you want to get started. A 2-hr online version of this course, Become Trauma Aware: Creating a Healing Practice is available now. Or, choose to attend the next virtual live 4-hr course for Become Trauma Aware where you have the option to either purchase the live course only or with the online course as well. In respect of privacy, live virtual courses are never recorded. Currently there are no live in person courses being offered.

Live/Virtual Course Components:

  • Theory presentation with powerpoint slides.
  • Course notes via .pdf
  • 90min. class experience including movement (psoas release), breath work & meditation
  • Q+A session in a small group virtual setting
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Zoom meeting link will be provided 24hrs prior to course start date

Online Course Components:

  • Narrated theory presentation 75 min. with powerpoint slides.
  • Course notes via .pdf
  • 60min. movement practice (stream only)
  • Guided Meditation Script: Yoga Nidra


Live/Virtual Course Only: $129 CAD

Live/Virtual Course + Online Course: $159 CAD

Online Course: $59 CAD

Recommended Readings: 


The Importance of Being Trauma – Informed by: Lisa Greenbaum

The Freeze Phenomenon by: Lisa Greenbaum

Continuing Education Credits:

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course. Yoga Alliance members receive 4 CECs for the live/virtual course or 2 CECs for the online course by completing a short quiz and submitting to: 

Course Dates:

TBD – Live Virtual Event Only

TBD – Live Virtual Event + Online Course

Online Course Only – Learn Now