The Evolution of a Yoga Practice

The one thing I can say about the evolution of my Yoga practice through these years is that it has brought me closer to myself. Slowing down my thoughts and consequential actions. Allowing me time to consider where my energy is going and whether it is worth pursuing. I came to Yoga through the physical practice, or Yoga asana first and it immediately felt like coming home. The slowed down movements linked to breath, the held postures feeling the strength reaching from my centre to my fingertips. Gently moving from pose to pose like a dance, lengthening my spine and limbs.

Lisa Greenbaum Yoga Blog

Every time I step on to my mat it feels like a gift I am giving to myself. To come back into my body and feel both its power and grace. An act of pure love. No matter how often I practice the poses each time they feel slightly different, subtle nuances to bring attention to, and after all these years still a very integral piece of my wellness regiment and overall training program.

Sometimes it finds you right away and sometimes it takes a little more to cultivate but at a certain point we realize there is so much more to Yoga then what happens on our mat. We start to listen to the other cues our teachers are offering outside of the physical and we start to really listen to ourselves.

To become the witness to our thoughts, noticing where we may be pushing instead of softening. Whether our thoughts are coming through as love or judgment, ego or connection. Perhaps at this point we find ourselves in the mindfulness section at the bookstore or begin to follow a Yoga based podcast – or blog! and sometimes we pursue a YTT education. We crave more information on how this all fits together. How can this practice create such an impact on us, so very different than other forms of exercise.

We begin to read the books, expand our studies, seek out new teachers and practices. Our friends start to ask us what our secret is, what is this new skin cream or vitamin we are taking that is making us look so good and relaxed? We feel different, but at the same time we feel more like ourselves than we ever have before. We are present. We are grateful. We feel more deeply connected to our friends and family. We feel more deeply connected to our self. We continue to expand our practice to include daily meditation. Continuing to peel back the layers for our own healing and sense of peace.

We begin to understand that our most wise teacher and guru is within us. Living in our own hearts. We still have tough days but we also know that our practice holds us and keeps us from falling in deeper. We are Yogis now. Connected to a massive global tribe, friends though we have never met, linked together in the knowledge that we – human beings, are united. We are one. We are love. We are light.

Namasté, the light within me honours the light within you.