Guided Meditation on Connection

Please enjoy the following scripted meditation for gratitude. Feel free to share directly with your class or to make any adjustments that are better suited to you and your students. Namasté.

Relaxing completely into our mat, let’s begin to settle in to the natural ebb and flow of our breath. Softening into this space. Closing our eyes. Let’s bring awareness to our body making any adjustments now so that we can feel more comfortable. Bringing awareness to our arms and legs, our back heavy on our mats. Listening to the soft sound of our breath and maybe even hearing the soft sound of breath of the others in the room.

The word Yoga means yoke or union in Sanskrit. It is the union of mind and body, the two as one which lead ultimately to the connection back to Self. In ancient yoga philosophy Yoga is described as the cessation of the mind stuff or essentially the ability to quiet the mind. When we find this space of quietness or mental clarity, we are able to see the truth. The truth is that we are all divine beings, that the higher self is our Self. When we recognize ourselves as divine and pure, we are able to see this in others: this light, this purity, this love that connects and binds us all, all of us to nature and each other.

The love we feel for others is reflected back to us, the love we feel for our self is reflected out. It is only when we feel connected to our Self that we truly feel connected to others. We feel connected to the world around us, and we want to love and protect this world in the same way that we love and protect those most dear to us, our family and close friends. When we are able to slow the world down just enough through quietness of mind, meditation and reflection, we will begin to see the world as a loving place. We have compassion for our neighbours, we take care of our environment, nature and the animals around us. This is the heart of the Yogi and what all the practices are for, the poses, breathing and meditation. The practice of Yoga brings us closer to this space of connection. When we are not in this space, we feel isolated and alone. This is the issue that plagues us when we are chronically stressed anxious or depressed. But this is an illusion of the mind. We are never alone.

Go into your heart, listen to the sound of your heartbeat. Listen to the sound of your breath. Take in the sounds of the room, the sound of my voice. The community in this room of those you practice Yoga with, your family, friends and acquaintances outside of this room. The ripples that extend from there of the connections of their family, friends and acquaintances and then the ripples from there and so on. Billions of us out there, seeking love, seeking community, seeking acceptance, seeking connection. This begins with us.

(Pause and allow a few minutes to pass)

Carefully begin to find your breath again. Awareness coming back to our breath, our body and the room. Slow movements for fingers and toes, wrists and ankles and in our own time making our way to our sides and then our seat.

In deep gratitude for this gift of yoga, our practice, this space and the health we have.

Namasté (the light in me honours that same light within you)


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