I am Enough

YES! You are, and so am I. We are all enough. We always have been, we always will be. Enough.

Yet, there is something that plays against us. In part the ego mind looking for separation from others in any way it can. In part the media landscape with continuous messages direct and subliminal of all the things we supposedly need or are supposed to already have. Constant fashion and style changes we are trying to keep up with. And then there is our own chemical make-up inside, I call them the happiness chemicals: oxytocin (love) dopamine (reward) serotonin (feeling good) that go in and out of balance for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we are affected by the environment or seasons such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), sometimes we weren’t given a fair chance from the beginning, childhood trauma and neglect affect their production (Levine, Peter A., Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes). Some of us have messed up their natural production with long term use of opioids, alcohol or cocaine. And then sometimes we just don’t know why we feel the way we do, other than this nagging empty feeling that seems to always be there, just lurking in the background.

But listen – please, no one is perfect. No one! Everybody has stuff going on that you know nothing about. We need to stop waiting for perfect: for our self to be perfect, the situation, the job the perfect partner, our home, the weather… just STOP! This week a friend of mine passed away from cancer. It seemed she was winning the battle and then suddenly within a couple of weeks, she was gone. She left behind a 4-year old son, a husband, family and a ton of friends. She was a beautiful person inside and out. The terrible irony is, for a short time before she became sick, I was jealous of her. Her son was born on the due date for what was also supposed to be my first child. The trauma of fertility wreaks havoc on your heart and your mind. When I learned she was sick it was like a cold hard slap in the face. I hate that this was a lesson for me, but it’s the truth. My heart is broken for what she has left behind. She was in the prime of her life. On her facebook profile she had written “I heart Living.” Those words are now etched in my heart.

We need to start living! I’ve said this so many times before in my blogs, but we have to let go of what is not serving us. Of anything that makes us feel that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t enough just as we are right now. When we live from that empty space it’s like we aren’t even living at all. Take those chances, fall in love, connect with your community, catch yourself when you are falling, heal yourself, trust yourself. The only person getting in your way is you, and anyone else that makes you feel like that doesn’t deserve you. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favourite books, Pathways to Joy by: Swami Satchidananda.

“This is the great theme of the Vedanta, this Oneness of life, this Oneness of everything. We shall see how it demonstrates that all our misery comes through ignorance, and this ignorance is the idea of manifoldness, this illusory separation between one human being and another, between one nation and another. Vedanta says this separation does not exist, it is not real. It is merely apparent, on the surface. In the heart of things there is Unity. If you go below the surface, you will find this Unity between all human beings and all races, high and low, rich and poor. If you go deep enough, all will be seen as only variations of the One.”

If you want more on this topic, look at my Yoga Class Theme Pack: I am Enough. A .pdf download that includes a class flow, guided meditation and ideas for self-practice.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

3 thoughts on “I am Enough”

  1. Thank you so much for this class pack, Lisa! I used it today with my senior chair yoga class, modifying the poses for my participants, and it still worked so well. The guided meditation was so beautiful – the seniors were crying by the end. I used eucalyptus oil, focused on the heart opening back bends, and the Anjali mudra to emphasize the theme of “I am enough” and I played a YouTube version of a choir singing “so hum” throughout the class. We all sang the mantra at the end to close the class before savasana.
    Thanks Lis for such a beautiful message! I’ll be getting more of your class packs in the future!!

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