Letting go of the small stuff

We’ve all had those mornings… Our alarm doesn’t go off, our favorite shirt is in the laundry, we can’t find our car keys and now the barista has messed up our order. Do we scream at her for ruining our day? Or take a breath realize that she perhaps had the very same experience as we did this morning and quietly ask her if she wouldn’t mind re-pouring our coffee? In my level 4 training, I still remember a trainee announcing: “You know we all have STUFF” and when we remind ourselves of this we slowly begin to bring more compassion in to our lives and to those around us. We have all experienced heartbreak, job loss, illness, death and we have also all experienced faulty alarm clocks, stains on our shirts and cars that don’t start. The question is what are we going to let impact us, and how?

For those that know me I am a bit work obsessed (I can already hear my friends chuckling – a bit!) When I opened my first business in clothing design, I worried about every single detail. I locked myself off from friends and family to work tirelessly until late every night and every weekend. To say the least my life was completely unbalanced and the result was constant stress, mistakes, migraines and zero social life. I turned 30 and realized that I had lost the last 3 years of my life.  However, had I let go just a little, perhaps asked for help, found an intern, learned to delegate I may not have felt so weighed down by the pressure to get it all done.

I was reminded this week of how far I had come, when a clothing rack I had shipped to Vancouver for a show didn’t arrive. The old me would have immediately started to cry out of frustration, yelled at the delivery service for their incompetency and convinced myself that all was ruined. Instead, I took a deep breath and thought about my options. In the end I made two new friends in the booth next door and they told me about a great sale that a local store was having close by where I was able to buy brand new racks at a great price and everything worked out fine.

We all have STUFF; the question is what stuff will dictate your life, your actions your relationships? The stuff that in a few years you remember being all worked up, but can’t remember why, or the stuff that truly makes life – life. We make choices everyday in our actions and reactions, and it is generally only us that physically and emotionally feel the results of this. Make your choices wisely and remember to breathe.

Yours in happiness and health,

Namaste, Lisa

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