On Practice – Now.

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life a few months ago. I almost stopped exercising. It was a slow process, starting years ago when I slowly began cutting back from all the classes I was teaching as elephantmy travel/training schedule grew. I was just so tired and so my answer was to slow down my physical activity, which really makes sense. Unfortunately what I missed was the tipping point between being tired from over-exercising, to tired from not exercising enough. I started to lose my strength, my tone and my vitality. I was practicing yoga, but not the yoga I needed, choosing restorative yoga over anything more physical. I needed to start from scratch again, and decided to follow my same path from 15-years ago when I joined GoodLife as a member, BodyPump. Man was I sore for like a week! But, I made the commitment, I re-arranged my schedule and I have been doing it every week since. With renewed discipline, I began scheduling my workouts and yoga practice and sticking to it! Moving everyday, riding my bike, going to Yoga class over practicing at home so I stick to the full hour. It’s what I need now. In a few months/years it may be different again.


My most important lesson has been to stay present with how I am feeling. Determining whether I’m physically tired or just mentally tired, making the effort and pushing myself a bit more. I think I became so wrapped up in teaching technique and philosophy that I forgot the benefits of the practice, and started taking them for granted. Now I’m sleeping better, my mood is better, I’m thinking more clearly, I’m feeling more inspired to teach and I just feel great inside and out. I guess once again, it all comes down to balance and to being present. My next hurdle, getting back on my daily meditations J


In love and light,

Lisa xo


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  1. I am trying to do the same! I’m making my health and physical fitness my priority right now even if it’s just 30 mins per day. If I moved my body by chasing the kids on their bikes or did some bedtime yoga to help set the tone for my sleep, it’s a win.

    Love you,

    Liz xoxox

  2. I have been progressing towards a similar place for the past 2 years…practicing mainly restorative yoga, exercising less and noticing it both in my mental and physical state! Your post inspired me to bike to Body Pump last night! I feel great and will keep it up. Thank you for the motivation.

  3. OMG You hit the nail on the head as to how I’ve been feeling!!! Being injured has taken its toll on me!! I luv to work out & its taken a back seat!!! Thanks Lisa for your truth & inspiration!!!
    Cheers my friend

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