Yoga is for EVERYONE! All people of all colours, shapes and sizes, of all religions and cultures, of all abilities both physical and mental – EVERYBODY. If you have breath in your body – you can practice Yoga. The presenter program has been created in an effort to increase visibility and diversity within the Yoga Teaching community. Until we all see ourselves represented as Yoga Teachers, this false gap will continue to widen. 

We are currently seeking 200-hr certified Yoga Teachers to help assist at conferences, teach within corporate facilities both in person and online, teach at wellness events and help to promote various trainings and events. Preference will be given to those with knowledge of Trauma-Informed Yoga practices. Please see: Become Trauma Aware: Creating a Healing Practice as a great source to get you started. 

The intention of the presenter program is to act as a mentorship program for those looking to become a Master Teacher and lead certification modules. Under the new Yoga Alliance accreditation rules, Lead Trainers must hold an E-RYT 500. While we are very supportive of this high level of education and experience required before the ability to certify new teachers, the concern is in an ever increasing divide between those who have been over representing the teaching community (namely white women) and the need for increased visibility for all teachers. Including and especially in these higher roles and positions within our profession. 

As a presenter you will work alongside the lead trainer within your city, meet like minded people, end up in random and often deep spiritual discussions, sometimes lug heavy boxes to conference and trade show floors and be able to share your love for this practice with others. 

We are looking for those with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, in good physical health and those who share in our values of authenticity, integrity, connection, experience, passion, empowerment and loyalty.

Presenter contracts will run with a one-year commitment and the option of renewal each year. Presenter requirements will vary by city, currently we are only accepting applications from those who reside in Canada. Presenters will be paid a set fee determined by work performed. Option to exchange work hours for training hours is also a possibility. 

To apply you will need to include

  • A 300-word essay outlining the impact a more diverse representation of Yoga Teachers would have on you and within your community and why you would like to be included.
  • 2-3 sentences on how each of the core values speak to you.
  • A URL link for a minimum 30-min video of you teaching a Yoga class in your preferred style. This can be asana, pranayama, meditation or all three.
  • Provide 2-3 letters of recommendation from either/or your teachers, your students, studio owners or managers. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to review your application. Accepted applications will be contacted for a follow up 30min. zoom interview. For questions:

Lisa Greenbaum Yoga + Wellness’ mission is to create inspirational experiences founded on authenticity. Our hope is for all teachers to meet us in this shared space.