At Home Retreat: Grounded + Calm

$ 25.00

From an Ayurvedic perspective, both Fall and Winter are known as the Vata period. Vata represents an airy quality that is cool and dry and also a period of infused creativity, when unbalanced it often leaves the mind scattered and in melancholy. Mimicking nature’s desire for hibernation, our self-care practice should be centred on warmth, calmness and quieting the mind. Connecting you back to you, connecting you back to Self.


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For this AT HOME RETREAT, we will explore:
1. Movement: A simple yet strong flow
2. Meditation: Grounding/Yoga Nidra
3. Mantras: focusing on clarity of mind

PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of our past event. Purchase now and enjoy the right away! Upon purchase you will receive a .pdf download with your viewing instructions.

All you need is a Yoga mat, a blanket and a bit of space to create your sanctuary. Create some ambience with your favourite incense or essential oils. (I suggest lavender, vetiver or sandlewood) You may also want a meditation cushion or pillow for our longer meditations. Yoga experience isn’t required.