At Home Retreat: Yoga Detox

$ 12.50

An opportunity to re-invigorate our selves: mind, body and soul through a Yoga Detox practice. Movement to release stagnant energy, breath practices to energize us and mantras to clear out the clutter and set our intentions forward on the path. Time to raise our vibrations!

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For this AT HOME RETREAT, we will explore:
1. Movement: Invigorating Practice 
2. Meditation: Clarity of Mind
3. Breath work + Chanting 
All you need is a Yoga mat, a blanket and a bit of space to create your sanctuary. Create some ambience with your favourite incense or essential oils. (I suggest eucalyptus or peppermint) You may also want a meditation cushion or pillow for our longer meditations. Yoga experience isn’t required.


Upon purchase you will receive an email with a .pdf which includes the link and password for this practice.