Become Trauma Aware: Creating a Healing Practice

$ 99.00

Whether you are searching for your own healing, or looking to share healing practices with others this workshop is for you. Incorporating both theory and practical work, this 2-hour online workshop will provide you with the foundation for being trauma-sensitive, understanding how the body holds trauma and specific practices to begin to release it.



This course includes – Unlimited streaming on all videos + downloadable files:

  1. Opening Letter
  2. Theory Presentation via .pdf
  3. Theory Presentation with narration 1:11min.
  4. 1-hour class practice 1:03min.

You will learn:

  • The science behind how our brain and nervous system process trauma
  • Why we hold trauma in the body
  • Why Yoga helps through the healing process
  • Yoga techniques to release chronically held stress and tension from the body
  • Detailed explanation and visual of the psoas release
  • Specifics for being trauma aware
  • How to handle triggers with your clients or students

This course is for anyone looking for their own healing (Yoga experience not required) Yoga Teachers or other Wellness practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of how the body holds trauma, or other Therapists looking for somatic wellness techniques. In understanding how we process trauma, we can slowly begin to unravel the layers for our own healing. Through Yoga, we begin to re-connect to our selves, our breath and the present moment. While there are many paths to healing, incorporating somatic work, through the body will help us complete this cycle.

BONUS: Yoga Nidra scripted meditation .pdf download included with this workshop.

Yoga Alliance members receive 2 CECs by completing a short quiz and submitting to: 

This workshop will not certify you as a trauma-informed Yoga teacher, nor will it teach you how to teach Yoga. However, it will provide you information on how to be trauma sensitive. If you are a current Yoga teacher you can utilize the skills from this workshop for your classes and clients right away.