At Home Retreat: Chakra Journey

$ 12.50

It’s time to go on a journey. To cultivate balance and harmony within. This journey brings us inward, connecting to our Self as we explore the 7 chakras, or energy wheels of our subtle body.

Grounding for safety, flow and let go, ignite the fire, open our hearts, speak our truth, trust our intuition and connect to the universe. Where will this journey take you?

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For this AT HOME RETREAT, we will explore:
1. A flowing practice addressing each of the 7 chakras 
2. Mantra work (chanting + intention setting)
3. A chakra balancing meditation 
All you need is a Yoga mat, a blanket and a bit of space to create your sanctuary. Create some ambience with your favourite incense or essential oils. You may also want a meditation cushion or pillow for our longer meditations. Yoga experience isn’t required.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of our past event. Purchase now and enjoy the right away!


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