E-Book: Chakra Journey

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Chakra Journey brings together focused information on each of the 7 chakras including a Yoga class flow for Yoga Teachers and enthusiasts, a Scripted Meditation to share with your class or on your own plus additional ways to bring each chakra into balance. A wonderful teaching aid to add to your tool box. Class Flows and Meditations can easily be printed and used individually.

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As part of our subtle body, it is said we have 7 chakras or spinning wheels or disks. Chakra is pronounced with the “ch” similar to “Cherrio’s.” The chakras travel up the length of our spine starting at the base and moving up to the crown of our head. Each chakra represents a different energy and relies upon the chakras surrounding them to also feel balanced. If our first chakra is unbalanced, perhaps we’ve just lost our job; it’s difficult to feel emotionally grounded, as we are most likely focusing on the security lost in losing our regular source of income. Along the same line, when we are working through grief we often feel that our inner strength has been diminished, and that it is difficult to put our grief into words – characteristics of both the lower and upper chakras surrounding our heart.

Our chakra system and/or individual chakras come in and out of balance continuously, just as everyday is different. Certain events can misalign the energy of specific chakras for a few days or create blockages that last months or years. Movement in general is important for the balance of our chakra’s, Yoga in particular because we use all planes of our spine in every practice. If we have a generally good disposition and strong vitality, than most likely we are also aligned in our subtle body. When we are feeling stuck, drained or suffering from chronic conditions by focusing on the chakra affiliated to this area we can begin to heal holistically.