Yoga for Mental Well-Being: Creating a Daily Practice

$ 59.00

Taking charge of our mental well-being with Yoga. Learn how the tools of Yoga can help create and maintain balance in our daily life.



Yoga for Mental Well-Being course is designed to help you integrate the tools from Yoga to strengthen your mental well-being, balance your emotional health and feel more connected mind, body and spirit. Use this information to create your own personalized daily self-care practice and/or design and share with your clients. Together, taking ownership of our mental health with Yoga.

This course includes:

  1. Opening letter with includes links to all below.
  2. Course notes
  3. Course notes with narration
  4. 45min. movement practice (link provided)
  5. 20min. breathing practice
  6. 10min. guided meditation for gratitude and connection
  7. Daily checklist to quiet anxiety
  8. Daily checklist to release depression
  9. Weekly template to promote well-being

You will learn:

  • Learn the importance of a holistic wellness practice for mental health
  • Learn how the tools from Yoga can create balance for our mental well-being
  • Design personalized self-care programs for your clients.

Yoga Alliance members receive 2 CECs by completing a short quiz and submitting to: 

PLEASE NOTE: I am hosting a live-virtual course: Yoga for Well-Being on Saturday, January 30th, 2021 10am – 2pm EST, with a purchase option that includes this course material. If you would like to join the live course that includes this online course click here.