Yoga for Mental Health: Practices for Anxiety

$ 25.00

For the days when our thoughts seem to take over. A daily checklist, breath work and a guided practice you can do to bring your energy back down. Getting out of your head and coming back to your body. Grounding your energy and slowing things down.



This workshop includes

  1. Opening Letter with password link to videos
  2. Video – explaining breathing practices
  3. Printable Checklist
  4. Guided Meditation
  5. 45 min. class practice

This workshop is for anyone looking for grounding practices to help work through feelings of anxiety and can be done every day or only when needed. A regular Yoga practice offers mindfulness tools that help us stay present and calm when the pressure feels turned up. Move your body through a 45min. Yoga practice that meets you where you are, dispelling excess energy first before moving to a more meditative space. Breathing practices that can quickly shift your energy, a guided meditation to help you feel more connected and a printable checklist to help maintain an overall state of balance.


The Yoga for Mental Health Workshops are for everyone, Yoga experience not required. All you need is a Yoga mat and a quiet space.

Purchase both programs: Yoga for Depression & Yoga for Anxiety and save $10 with code: YOGA4MH10