At Home Retreat: Set Your SELF Free

$ 25.00

Step out of blame and shame and guilt, they are not serving you. Step into the full capacity of your heart centre and free yourself to be the radiant being of light and love that you already are. The ultimate self-care and self-love retreat in a 90min. experience from the comfort of your own home. 

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For this AT HOME RETREAT, we will explore:
1. A Yang and Yin heart opening practice (strength + stretch)
2. A gentle release of tension through neurogenetic shaking (psoas release)
3. A heart centred meditation
All you need is a Yoga mat, a blanket and a bit of space to create your sanctuary. Create some ambience with your favourite incense or essential oils. Yoga experience isn’t required.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of our past event. Purchase now and enjoy the right away!