The Language of Yoga by: Nicolai Bachman

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In The Language of Yoga, Bachman shows that each syllable is a door to deeper, richer engagement with yoga not only as a physical exercise, but as a living, vibrating connection to the life force of this tradition. Providing translation, cultural significance, and precise pronunciation for more than 200 illustrated asanas, The Language of Yoga is the definitive guide to the modern usage of Sanskrit. You will also discover:

-Why the exploration of yoga philosophy complements and enriches the physical practice
-Correct spelling and pronunciation of common terms you’ll likely encounter in the studio
-Mudras and chants for different life circumstances
-Downloadable audio files for pronunciation of hundreds of terms and posture names

More than just a supplement to your yoga practice, The Language of Yoga vividly illuminates an ancient system of sacred syllables that resonate deep in the subtle body. Whether you’re a passionate enthusiast or a curious beginner, The Language of Yoga offers an invaluable reference guide for any explorer of the yogic path.

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