Yoga for Mental Health: Daily Practices for Anxiety & Depression

$ 40.00

Helping us take care of our mental health and well-being these practices are designed to use interchangeably, daily or whenever needed. Many of us toggle between feelings of anxiety and depression so I have designed this program to meet you where you are today.





After purchase you will receive an email with download instructions for the following files: 

  1. .pdf Opening Letter – Yoga Practices for Anxiety
  2. .pdf Opening Letter – Yoga Practices for Depression
  3. Guided Meditation – Yoga Nidra
  4. Guided Meditation – Gratitude

Inside each opening letter you will receive the link and passwords to access your breathing practices and Yoga class flows and downloadable/printable daily checklist.

This workshop is for anyone looking for Yoga based practices to help work through feelings of anxiety or depression and can be done every day or only when needed. A regular Yoga practice offers mindfulness tools that help us stay present and calm when the pressure feels turned up. The 45min. Yoga practice for anxiety meets you where you are, dispelling excess energy first before moving to a more meditative space. With breathing practices that can quickly shift your energy and a guided meditation to help you feel more connected.

The 45min. Yoga for Depression practice will take us out of our heads and back into our body. Simple movements to help energize our muscles and joints, gently re-invigorating us in a practice that can be done everyday. The breath techniques are designed to increase oxygen intake and get our prana moving, while the guided meditation will remind us of what is important, helping us move towards the light and release negative thought patterns.

These Yoga for Mental Health Workshops are for everyone, Yoga experience not required. All you need is a Yoga mat and a quiet space.

After you’ve had the opportunity to complete these practices, I’d be so grateful for you to leave a review to share with others your experience with this program.