Yoga for Mental Health: Practices for Depression

$ 25.00

For our darker days, here are some tools to help you through. A daily checklist, breath work and a guided practice you can do everyday that starts a little slower, building energy gradually while moving you towards a space of empowerment and strength.



This workshop includes

  1. Opening Letter with password link to videos
  2. Video – explaining breathing practices
  3. Printable Checklist
  4. Guided Meditation
  5. 40 min. class practice

Feelings of depression make even the simple things difficult. This workshop has been designed in smaller components to help us through the process, to start moving out of the darkness. The 40min. Yoga practice will take us out of our heads and back into our body. Simple movements to help energize our muscles and joints, gently re-invigorating us in a practice that can be done everyday. The breath techniques are designed to increase oxygen intake and get our prana moving, while the guided meditation will remind us of what is important, helping us move towards the light and release negative thought patterns.

The Yoga for Mental Health Workshops are for everyone, Yoga experience not required. All you need is a Yoga mat and a quiet space.

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