Yoga Therapy Series

$ 397.00

An 8-week Empowerment Program to Take Charge of Our Mental Health

It is the small things we do with consistency that create a huge and positive impact in our work, our relationships and our general sense of well-being in the world.



The Yoga Therapy 8-week Empowerment Program to Take Charge of Our Mental Health, has been created with this sole purpose in mind. To give you easy to use tools that can be used everyday to help improve your mental health and stress resiliency. Within our 8-weeks together you will learn breathing techniques, simple movements and meditations that anyone can do, no matter your experience with Yoga or movement.

7 x Live/Virtual 60min. sessions starting Wednesday, July 7, 2021 5:30pm EDT + runs each week until Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Program Includes:

8 x 60min. sessions with a different mental health focus each week.

3 x downloadable meditations

Journal pages to track progress through the series.

20min. private consultation via zoom to review personalized practice strategies.

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