Seize the Day

Living fully in the moment sounds idealistic to most however it truly is the only moment we have. Those who follow the concept of seize the day live each day taking chances, trying new things and I am certainly one of those people. Each day is a gift whether the sun is shining or we find ourselves caught in a torrential downpour. Everyday we have the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves, about those that surround us. We have the opportunity to completely change the course of our life or to enjoy the simplicity of everyday routine. The one thing I do know is that we don’t know. We never know when that moment will arrive when life completely changes – what we do know is that it will come, and we will not be prepared.

Travelling so much over the last year and half has allowed me to discover many things about my own attachments to things, people, routine and the unexpected. It is almost a joke about how light I pack when I go away, and I honestly do under pack but whether you bring two massive suitcases or a tiny overnight bag you will always forget something and you sort it out. It doesn’t matter. Every time I’m about to leave I don’t want to go, as soon as I’m there I don’t want to come home. But through it all I’ve come to realize how much more present I am in every situation. More connected to myself in the moment, which also allows me to be more connected to others in the moment – which I believe is where the true gift of the present moment is.

When we are in the present we have the opportunity to take the place of the witness, to understand the situation in it’s own light. Are we happy? Are we bored? Are we anxious? And most importantly can we make a change? Of course we all must go through life’s rough patches, we need to do things we don’t like from time to time, but to what extent does this take us? Can we say we are more happy than sad? Do we spend most of our day dreaming about our next day off or vacation? Are we happy in our day to day life not just parts of our life – and why not?

The next time you find yourself drifting out of the conversation or starting blankly out the window, connect back into the moment. What are you doing that is not holding your attention, what are you avoiding? It certainly takes practice and our yoga and meditation practice will certainly help – but more so it is a state of mind. A promise we make to ourselves to live fully in the moment. Try it and see where it takes you…

In love and light,

xo Lisa.

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