To my upcoming Adventures in Rishikesh, India

For those that know me well, they know I love to travel! Its one of the reasons that I am so grateful for my line of work and also the very first thing I begin to plan out when I have any time for myself. I have had the opportunity to cross many places from my list including Thailand, Australia, Europe and of course many cities across Canada and the US.  This Fall I have the opportunity to travel to the birthplace of Yoga at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, Northern India. I am extremely excited to say the least, and at the same time have no idea what to expect, which is perhaps the most exciting part; the idea of traveling to a foreign land, especially one in which the culture is vastly different from my familiar stomping grounds of downtown Toronto.

Yoga has transformed me on many levels, and my practice has been there for me when I have needed it the most spiritually, emotionally and physically. That’s why this particular trip is so important to me. Traveling for me is a way to come back to the basics, to gain new perspectives on the world and myself, to meet and engage with new people, new experiences. Just as our yoga practice brings us closer to our true selves, I feel similarly about travel. When we talk about letting go of attachments, what better way than to leave our material possessions behind, packing only what we need – I’m also famous for not packing enough. In this way we find ourselves free from clutter, free from excess and thereby open to what ever comes our way. At the end of another crazy year to spend ten days among new YogaFit friends, practicing yoga and meditation everyday in one of the most beautiful places on earth, how could one resist.

I understand that traveling is easier for some than others, however, I highly encourage you to create space in your life for adventure. Even a weekend retreat can do so much for the soul. If India is on your list, or any other wonderful place in this world – just go! Find a way to make it happen. Adventure keeps us growing as individuals and it is all of the experiences in travel that lend to this, the good and the not so good. They become our stories, pieces of our selves that we will always hold in our hearts.

I look forward to my after-blogs to tell you some of my stories from this exciting new adventure! Yours in happiness & health,

Namaste, Lisa


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