We only have to TRY!

I can truly say that I have lived and will continue to live my life with no regrets. I make mistakes, I make a lot of mistakes – but I also seem to squeeze some good work in there too. Having been an independent entrepreneur in both the fashion and fitness industries for over the last ten years perseverance has been my steady mantra. Pushing me forward on a daily basis through the long hours, the financial struggles and often the physical intensity of a 20+ class schedule/week. My work life now has certainly changed and I am blessed and grateful for that, but in reflection I can honestly say I have worked my ass off for it!

When pushed to the extreme, when for every step I take at times it feels like two steps back, I push right back! If I could tell you how many times over the years I have wanted to walk away or better yet move away; how many times I have cried from frustration. But after a couple hours or sometimes days, I realize that I would have my life no other way and I search out every avenue, I dig deep to protect what I have built and to continue to push on. I TRY. That is it. So simple, but that’s all I do. I try with everything I have to make it work. In every relationship, business deal, creative idea I have – I try, and I give it all I have. Sometimes that’s exactly what needs to be done, other times it is pointless. But I can always say I tried – and that is how to live with no regrets. I know that I am fully responsible for everything in my life, for the choices that I have made – and this is what makes me proud. Not a checklist, not a bank balance, not the compliments I receive, but that I know that I have always tried.

I am currently re-reading one of my favourite books, The Power of One by: Bryce Courtnay. It’s probably been about ten years since I read this for the first time and I am being reminded of how important it is to keep our fighting spirit but more importantly our trust in ourselves. To trust that we have the power to manifest and create our life with integrity, will power and positivity we can do anything. It is our choice. We only have to try!

Xo Lisa.

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  1. The Power of One is one of my all time favourite novels. I am glad to see someone else enjoyed/ing it too 🙂

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