Into the Light

In times of uncertainty, we fold in. It’s a natural response to want to draw into the fetal position, a place of comfort and safety. We look longingly to the sofa wanting to wrap ourselves up in a blanket and let our minds be pulled into a different story line, if only for an hour. Our minds, bodies and spirits are craving extra rest as we continue to process the world around us, and we should take this comfort. I look at my cats who luxuriate in their rest time, so content in each of their chosen spots for their afternoon naps. Yet we soldier on, pour another cup of coffee and sit back down in front of our computer to carry on. And maybe that’s what you need to do right now, but what about later on? Will you take that break? Will you have time to come on to your mat? Will you have a few minutes to sit with your breath? 

Even as I write this today, I am slow. Coming to sit outside for a change of scenery, a breath of fresh of air. Even if we can’t see the light, it is always there. Perhaps hidden by the shadows, but nevertheless always there, always within, just waiting. Through the grey clouds I wait for the crack in the sky, the warmth of the sun to come through. But still, the light I need is within. 

Close your eyes and find your centre. This might be the centre of your chest, your heart or your belly. Pause and notice what you feel, and then honour what you feel. Let go of any expectations that it should feel good or that we can even find this spot right away. Start to settle in with your breath and call in the light. Ahem Prakasha – I am light. Call the light in. 

Self-Awareness is a cornerstone of Yoga philosophy. It is also a centre point of mental well-being and mental health. What we often forget, or how our ego likes to lead us astray, is that self-awareness is neutral. It is without judgment or expectation. That our feelings are supposed to be a certain way, that we should always be striving for happiness is a falsity. Self-awareness is noticing and being present. It is honouring the moment, bearing witness and making continuous choices to move forward, back or stay still. 

When we honour our light within we connect to Self. Self is the light within, always there no matter how many clouds or shadows. If we are willing to sit with it, to be vulnerable, to let the layers roll away, we may be surprised at what we find. We are so afraid of the pain, but what if it’s not pain at all? What if there is nothing to be afraid of after all? 

Are you ready to move into the light?

Please join me this month for our At Home Retreat: Into the Light – Saturday, May 15th 11am EDT for a live/virtual 90min practice of movement, breath-work and meditation. 

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  1. This is beautiful Lisa!

    Looking forward to the At Home Retreat May 15th. XOXO

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