Love is Limitless

Sometimes we just have so much love we don’t know where to put it. I have experienced this first-hand in grief. All the love that was directed at one person (or animal) is suddenly lost, pouring out to the abyss with no direction back. It feels empty and confusing. We keep searching for the felt experience of seeing that love through their eyes which no longer exists. But it’s actually only their eyes looking back at us that is no longer present. The love, that keeps growing. In fact, when the confines of physicality are gone that same love becomes limitless. It’s overwhelming and also confusing. We have been taught that love needs to be directed into something and that to experience love it needs to be reflected back, but that simply isn’t true. Love exists regardless.

love is limitless

The same can be said for what we call heartbreak with the loss of a relationship or friendship. But it’s all the same thing, wanting to direct love into a space that no longer physically exists. The more we continue to search for a home for this love, the further away we move from the path. We may quiet that love (and hurt) with wine or work or collecting things. We may put that love forward into someone who can’t love us back the way we need or deserve. We may settle for good enough. But love is limitless. It’s not defined by age or status. It’s not even defined in parameters. Love is like light. It can go anywhere we open it up to. The more we focus on it the more it grows, but we need to let it go. Release it from its structural confines.

Anahata, the name of our heart chakra means un-struck in Sanskrit. This is the capacity of love. Love for the sake of love. Love that is boundless and for everyone. It’s not about soul mates or attraction, it’s not about living or no longer in physical form on this planet. It’s not about only for some and not for others. Love is love is love is love.

Why do we curl in on ourselves so often. Our shoulders rounding forward, our chest sinking in. Why are we constantly trying to protect our self? Why have we been taught to save our love? Conditioned against pain, afraid of heartbreak. Why does it hurt so much? But I know the answer, because it is so very special.

Practice love. Meditate on love. Roll your shoulders back and lift your chest. Lie across a bolster and release the tension from shoulders. Feel your heart centre soften. Feel your capacity for love begin to grow. Journal letters of forgiveness, journal longer letters of gratitude. Hug a tree. Stare at the stars. Spend time with children and animals. Share space with those who also know that love has no bounds. Love for the very sake of love. And never forget where love comes from and where it must be cherished most of all – deep inside of you.

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  1. Lisa…I so loved your blog on Love is Limitless. It touch my soul…nourishing it. I needed this right now. Thank you🙏🏻

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