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Yoga for Mental Well-Being
Photograph by: Laura Pedersen

New Posts:

Shake it Off
There is real merit to the wise words of Taylor Swift. In some way, at some point, we need to shake off what has happened or what we’ve experienced to move forward. Sometimes this is …
Kindness in the Treatment of Traumatic Stress
These are the words of my husband Robert Chuckman, an MSW and psychotherapist who has spent many years studying trauma and helping people heal. An important reminder that we all have stories, we all need …
Finding My Why
I found this in my writings from last year. In re-reading it, I’m loving its potency and that I feel exactly the same even though I was finally in the end able to craft out …
Yoga + Arthritis
Yoga can be very beneficial for those who suffer from the painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms of arthritis, as Yoga offers both slow and gentle movement that can reduce stiffness in the joints. Optimizing overall …


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