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Yoga for Mental Well-Being
Photograph by: Laura Pedersen

New Posts:

Silence and Complacency
When the mass grave of 215 children was discovered this past week, I found myself overwhelmed and speechless. I scrolled through endless posts calling out the atrocities feeling that I should also say something, but …
The Final Straw
BUT WHY IT STILL TOOK ME SO LONG TO LEAVE. My sister had recently moved to Kelowna, BC from Toronto that summer and for mid-November my mom and I planned our first visit coinciding with …
The Evolution of a Yoga Practice
The one thing I can say about the evolution of my Yoga practice through these years is that it has brought me closer to myself. Slowing down my thoughts and consequential actions. Allowing me time …
Mental Health Awareness
I specifically wanted to post this after “mental health awareness week” because mental health isn’t a day or a week it’s a lifetime. We have minds, which means we should all be considering our mental …


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