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Yoga for Mental Well-Being
Photograph by: Laura Pedersen

New Posts:

Yoga for Mental Well-Being Series: Importance of Meditation
The key to mental well-being is in establishing daily self-care practices that speak to our different layers of self: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and of course simply joy. The efficacy of Yoga for mental well-being …
Yoga for Mental Well-Being Series: Honouring Emotions
I came across this powerful quote the other day while reading Brené Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness: “Most of us were not taught how to recognize pain, name it, and be with it. Our families …
Yoga for Mental Well-Being Series: The Power of Breath
Taking care of our mental health is more important now than it ever was. Depression and anxiety show up in many different ways, and in ways we maybe wouldn’t expect such as chronic pain and …
Yoga for Mental Well-Being Series: Mind/Body Connection
That our thoughts correspond to how our body feels, and how our body feels can impact our thoughts is a foundational aspect of mindfulness and an integral way of caring for our mental well-being. A …


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