Weekly Drop-In Classes

Mondays 5:30pm BodyJam @ Goodlife Fitness Toronto St.
Tuesdays 9:30am Yoga @ GoodLife Fitness Don Mills Superstore Wednesdays 9:15am Prana Energy @ PUR Yoga Toronto
Thursdays 1pm BodyJam @ GoodLife Fitness Bloor Park
Thursdays 7pm Yin Yang Yoga @ PUR Yoga Toronto
Saturdays 9:15am (75min) Dynamic Flow @ PUR Yoga Toronto
Sundays 12pm (75min) Dynamic Flow @ PUR Yoga Toronto 

Private Sessions Available, please email yoga@lisagreenbaum.com for more information

Pre-Registered Series @ Love Shack Yoga Studio

Love Shack Yoga Studio is serene space built and designed by Lisa and Bob for healing and wellness. Natural light and textures with bamboo flooring and infrared heating panels make this the ultimate chill lounge. Used regularly for all healing modalities including hot stone massage, psychotherapy, sound therapy, meditation and yoga therapy. Located in East York, Toronto close to Main St. subway station.

The Love Shack Yoga Studio is available for rent to be used for wellness based practices. Please contact us to enquire.

How to beat the Ides of March? with a full month of workshops of course! Deepen your knowledge, immerse yourself into the experience and practice your self-care all month long. Registration opening soon.

Take a journey through the chakras in this meditation based workshop. Chakras, translated to spinning discs, represent our energy centres as part of our subtle body. Together we will identify imbalances or blocks our chakras may be holding. Learning what each of the 7 different energy centres represent and tools we can practice for both self-care and daily balance. With the power of meditation we will begin to clear space, allow Prana to more easily flow, increasing vitality and an overall connection to Self.

Always wanted to know who was guiding your path? Are you fascinated by the animal world and the qualities that create such magnificence in the animal kingdom? Through a series of meditations we will start to connect to this driving force. Learn how we can benefit from a deeper understanding of our spirit animal, ask for their guidance through both troubling times and in manifesting our dreams as well as an offer of our deepest gratitude for their presence.

A strong and focused practice will lead us through this open workshop to practice both Headstand, Handstand and Forearm Balance, both with the wall and without. Tuning into our meditative mind, understanding the alignment foundations and a little courage will take us up! Only 2 spots left for April 25th.

This is not your typical yoga practice, but an exploratory workshop centred specifically around our hips. Beyond just hip opening stretches, understand the complexity of the hip joint and how often less is more in our considerations for how we practice and create more mobility in the space where most of our tension lies. This workshop looks at where our physical body meets our emotional body and how we can use both to find more space and ease for not only our hips but our entire posture. If you have, or are currently experiencing issues with your hips this workshop is for you.

This Men’s only practice is perfect for anyone who has wanted to try Yoga but wasn’t sure where to start or wanting to learn more in a smaller group setting. This class meets you where you are. A Yoga class designed for men helping you work the strength you have, improve joint mobility, core strength and re-balance body + mind. Class size limited to 5, pre-registration required. Winter Special: first class $15. Class packs available 5/$90. One class drop in $21.

Join Lisa at the Toronto Yoga Conference April 3rd – 5th, 2020 for one or more of her sessions on Yoga for Trauma and Healing.

Friday 9am-5pm: A Healing Journey

Saturday 8am-10am: Being Trauma-Sensitive

Sunday 2pm-4pm: Moving Beyond Healing

Sunday 4:30-6:30pm: Feeling Safe in Stillness