Saturday, November 7, 2020

10am – 2pm EST

This course will discuss the latest scientific research on trauma and how we can apply these findings to our Yoga practice both as teachers and students. This includes a detailed theory presentation outlining how we process trauma including information on the polyvagal theory and social engagement system and the impact of generational trauma. Working somatically (through the body) we will also explore flow sequencing, breathing and meditation techniques to release chronically held tension and the negative thought patterns that follow a traumatic event.

  • Learn how the brain & nervous system process trauma
  • Learn how Yoga is a powerful healing mechanism for trauma
  • Understand the impact of generational trauma and the impact on our DNA.
  • Learn how to be trauma aware in group settings and with private clients
  • 90min. real time class experience including breath work & meditation
  • Q+A session in a small group virtual setting 

This is a real-time virtual event and with a max of 15 students to be enrolled. For more information email Lisa directly at: To ensure student privacy, a recording of this training will not be provided. There is an online version of this course available right now – click here. The online course is included in your course fees, see below.

Recommended Readings:

My Grandmother’s Hands by: Resmaa Menakem

In An Unspoken Voice by: Peter Levine

Need CECs?

If you are currently registered with Yoga Alliance completion of this course will honour you 5 non-contact CECs after the completion of a homework assignment to be given at the end of the workshop.

Course Fees

$125. CAD Includes 4-hour virtual course as listed above + the 2-hour online course: Becoming Trauma Sensitive. Recording includes narrated theory presentation + 60min. trauma-aware class flow. ($45 CAD value)

$99. CAD Includes 4-hour virtual course as listed above, theory handouts included.

If you have previously purchased the 2-hour online course: Becoming Trauma-Sensitive and you wish to enrol in this live virtual event, please email Lisa for your preferred rate.