A 3-part virtual series to build community through love, compassion, grace and vulnerability. Using the foundations of Yoga philosophy as a base for discussion, our aim is to explore our current modern-day concerns and issues in an open and free space. This is a community gathering to share our thoughts, hopes and fears – a true satsang. Each gathering will include a 21-day kriya based practice including breath work, mantras and meditation to continue this work together while creating a visceral imprint mind, body and soul.

This course will discuss the latest scientific research on trauma and how we can apply these findings to our Yoga practice both as teachers and students. This includes a detailed theory presentation outlining how we process trauma including information on the polyvagal theory and social engagement system and the impact of generational trauma. Working somatically (through the body) we will also explore flow sequencing, breathing and meditation techniques to release chronically held tension and the negative thought patterns that follow a traumatic event.

This is a real-time virtual event and with a max of 10 students to be enrolled. To ensure student privacy, a recording of this training will not be provided. There is an online version of this course available right now – click here. There is an option to purchase the online course along with the live course.