Exploring the Chakras, Pranayama and Meditation

Yoga Energy Body will help us understand the inner workings of the subtle body including the chakra system. This is a 5-day immersive training focused on pranayama and meditation to empower our daily Yoga and self-care practices.

Developing our relationship with our subtle body creates a personal experience that transcends time and space. This is our connection back to Self, to our light within, to ananda (joy), to bliss. Yoga Energy Body will help us move stagnate energy, give us the courage to walk through the fire and explore the traditional practices of Yoga beyond simply asana (poses).

This training is part of the 5-module series towards becoming a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher. However, this training is open to anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of the subtle body and building a personal Yoga practice.

A daily self-practice is integral for all Yoga Teachers. To be able to help others along their Yoga journey, we must be doing this continuous work on ourselves as well. Whether our goal is to become a Yoga Teacher or simply to deepen our practice, Yoga Energy Body is a must for all those yearning to take their practice to the next level.

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What you will learn: 

  • In-depth exploration of the 7-chakra system
  • Practices for each of the 7-chakras
  • How to build a meditation practice
  • Lineage of different styles of meditation
  • Yoga of sound and mantra work
  • Physiology of breath and HRV
  • Basic kriya practices from Kundalini Yoga
  • Pranayama practices
  • The 5-koshas and creating a daily practice

Key Competencies Taught: Pranayama + Subtle Body, Meditation, Physiology

Required Reading:

Yoga Energy Body – What to Expect

Training hours run 9am – 5pm each day with a 30min. break for lunch.

Each day will open and close with meditation. Our journey in between will be a combination of theory, movement and meditation. The first two days of our training are dedicated to the chakras, the final three days take us through an exploration of breath work, kriyas, mantra and a study of our self-care practices and how to develop and sustain a daily practice. A final assignment will be given in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Upon registering you are agreeing to the Terms + Conditions listed here.

Yoga in Practice counts as 37.5-hours towards your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Training modules can be taken in any order, though Yoga Teaching Skills can only be taken once the other 4 modules have been completed.

45 Yoga Alliance CECs available upon completion of this course for current Yoga Teachers already registered with Yoga Alliance.

4 canfitpro CECs available upon completion of this course.

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QUESTIONS? Please reach out yoga@lisagreenbaum.com or schedule a call with my calendly link

Yoga Energy Body Reviews

This course has completely transformed my thoughts regarding the chakra system, meditation, pranayama and the koshas. I’ve practiced the physical poses for years, but truthfully had been a bit timid in regards to incorporating any of these important parts of yoga in my own life. I thought the chakra system was too complex to learn – yet Lisa broke it down in a way that even a newbie can understand the 7 chakras. I’d honestly also avoided meditating beyond savansana at the end of class prior to this beautiful instruction. Thanks to this course, I’ve actually created and incorporated my own regular meditation routine, something I had never dreamed I could do. The benefits within my body and mind simply cannot be put into words. This course results in very real, very beautiful change. – Laura P.

This amazing course, “Yoga Energy Body” was a real treat. The course, taught by the awesome Lisa, focused on the 7 Chakras, the energy centres of the body. We learned how to self-detect whether a chakra might be off and conscious ways that we can bring that energy system back into harmony. We also learned the importance of various pranayama (breathing techniques), mudras (hand gestures), and mantras (motivating chants), that form kriyas (our meditation). The main focus of the course is developing a daily meditation self practice. I love how Lisa puts every ounce of herself into teaching the modules and I appreciate her emphasis on how fully extensive Yoga is. My eyes are wide, my heart is full, and my mind is open! Thank you, Lisa. – Leda G.