We are all struggling from time to time, some of us are just quieter than others. First and foremost, please know you are never alone. Even in our darkest hours the light is always there. A daily Yoga practice can be extremely helpful in balancing our thoughts and emotions – and 5 min. a day of focused breathing counts for that. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. I hope you find the following Yoga for Mental Health Resources helpful, there are many more posted to my YouTube channel and blog. For further resources, please reach out: yoga@lisagreenbaum.com

Yoga for Mental Health resources


For more short videos on balancing our mental health with Yoga, please visit my YouTube channel.


Re-Tune Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

How our body relays messages to and from the brain are based upon two branches of our nervous system: autonomic and somatic. The somatic system centred around thought to action like brushing your hair. The autonomic system is for everything we don’t need to think about: heartbeat, digestion etc.. Within the autonomic system is two further branches, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Once again these are hard-wired mechanisms in our brain that create an automatic reaction. Sympathetic, often known as fight or flight, whereas parasympathetic is rest or digest. READ MORE

The Freeze Phenomenon

Over these last few weeks of isolation this is where I keep finding myself. Essentially stuck with the inability to get even simple things done like sweeping the floor or answering back on an email. It’s not really depression, though probably a little swing more to that side in terms of its flat affect. It’s not really anything at all. I’m neither happy nor sad, motivated nor unmotivated. Just here, kind of doing nothing. Skimming Instagram for the ninetieth time today, opening my email and closing it again. Thinking about phoning someone, turning on the TV instead. Thinking about all this extra time at my disposal and just sort of letting it seep through my fingers, kind of but not really bothered at all.  Will it always be like this? Is this my “new normal”? READ MORE

When Life Hands You Lemons – Do Yoga

How many times have we heard: turn that frown upside down, embrace the positive, look for the silver lining, I’m sure I could go on. The reality is, it’s not that easy and sometimes we need to be angry or sad to really process what is happening. It’s become socially unacceptable to be anything but upbeat and happy, when what is actually happening is suppression and angst. And so be mad. Be upset, be angry, be frustrated, cry into your pillow – and then do Yoga. READ MORE

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Mind/Body Connection

The Power of Breath

Honouring our Emotions


For more consistency, and to take your practice a step further check out my online workshops. Both of these classes are simple yet profound and perfect for Yogi beginners to lifelong students.

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Yoga for Mental Health - practices for anxiety

For the days when our thoughts seem to take over. A daily checklist, breath work and a guided practice you can do to bring your energy back down. Getting out of your head and coming back to your body. Grounding your energy and slowing things down.


Yoga for Mental Health - practices for depression

For our darker days, here are some tools to help you through. A daily checklist, breath work and a guided practice you can do everyday that starts a little slower, building energy gradually while moving you towards a space of empowerment and strength.


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Yoga for Mental Well-Being course is designed to help you integrate the tools from Yoga to strengthen your mental well-being, balance your emotional health and feel more connected mind, body and spirit. Use this information to create your own personalized daily self-care practice and/or design and share with your clients. Together, taking ownership of our mental health with Yoga.

Yoga for Mental Well-Being