Trauma-Informed Certificate. Yoga for Mental Wellness.

Receive a trauma-informed certificate and learn how to support yourself and your students on their wellness journeys with the power and practices of Yoga. This is a 6-day immersive training dedicated to providing a safe space for everyone.

Whether you are working on your own healing or looking to help others, Yoga for Wellness will revolutionize how you both understand, teach and practice Yoga. Leading trauma researchers (Van Der Kolk, Levine, Koch etc..) agree that for the full circle of healing to occur we must also move through our trauma somatically (through the body).

This training is included in the 5-module series towards becoming a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher. However, Yoga for Wellness is open to anyone looking to become trauma-informed using Yoga based practices, taking care of our students and or ourselves through their healing journey. 

I firmly believe that as Yoga teachers, we have a duty of care for all of our students to be trauma informed and to create a trauma-informed environment for our classes and private sessions. Creating a safe space to practice and explore Yoga for ALL of our students is paramount, no exceptions. Read more here.

In Yoga for Wellness we will explore how the brain and nervous system process trauma, how to build stress-resiliency, how to manage our mental well-being through Yoga and daily practice and how to overcome impediments to our overall wellness including managing chronic pain and improving the quality of sleep.

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What you will learn: 

  • How the brain and nervous system process trauma
  • Foundation of the polyvagal theory
  • What it means to be trauma-informed
  • Understanding our somatic response to stress
  • How to handle triggers
  • Overview of chronic pain
  • How to support general conditions through practice
  • Intro to Yin + Restorative based practices
  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Intro to Yoga Nidra

Key Competencies Taught: Biomechanics, Physiology, Meditation, Asana + Teaching Methodology.

Required Reading:

  • Yoga for Wellness Training Manual (to be provided on the first day of training)
  • My Grandmother’s Hands by: Resmaa Menakem
  • Radiant Rest by: Tracee Stanley (provided in your gift bag if registered for full 200-hr program)
Yoga for Wellness – What to Expect

Training hours run 9am – 5pm each day with a 30min. break for lunch.

Each day will open and close with meditation. Our journey in between will be a combination of theory, movement and meditation. Each day we will experience a master class designed to help us release trauma, rebuild stress resiliency and balance our nervous system. Subsequent learning will surround how to teach this style of practice including group work and practice teaching. A final assignment will be given in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Upon registering you are agreeing to the Terms + Conditions listed here.

Yoga in Practice counts as 45-hours towards your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Training modules can be taken in any order, though Yoga Teaching Skills can only be taken once the other 4 modules have been completed.

45 Yoga Alliance CECs available upon completion of this course for current Yoga Teachers already registered with Yoga Alliance.

4 canfitpro CECs available upon completion of this course.

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Yoga for Wellness Reviews

Yoga for Wellness brought everything together for me as an instructor, a friend, a parent, and a person. Lisa taught this beautiful course with knowledge, empathy, sensitivity, awareness, and understanding. The course hit home for me personally by being aware of my own triggers and how to handle them. I am now using that knowledge and sensitivity with my family, friends, class participants, and private clients. Providing a safe place for participants and being accommodating and aware that we don’t always know where people (including ourselves) are coming from on any given day, month, or year is probably one of the most important skills I have learned as an instructor. I am using those skills now in my classes and with my clients. Of particular interest, I really enjoyed learning (and am excited to teach) Yin + Restore style classes and Yoga Nidra. Thank you, Lisa, for giving us ‘your everything’ during this module. – Leda G.