history and philosophy of yoga

The History and Philosophy of Yoga

Our journey starts at the beginning – What is Yoga? In Yoga Foundations we begin our studies with the history and philosophy of Yoga. A philosophy that has withstood over 6000 years, passed down from generation to generation. A depth of history that has stood the test of time. Stepping away from what we have come to define Yoga as in the west, in Yoga Foundations we come back to Yoga’s roots and the deep appreciation of the lineage of Yoga from our Yoga Master’s in India.

This is the first training in the 5-module series towards becoming a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher. However, this training is open to anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of the philosophy of Yoga. 

Yoga is the science of the mind. In this module we explore through a deep dive into Yoga’s most beloved texts: The Sutras of Patanjali, The Baghavad Gita and The Upanishads. This is a study on WHY we practice Yoga and HOW the ancient masters said we should practice Yoga.

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What you will learn: 

  • History of Yoga
  • Honouring Yoga’s culture and diversity
  • Introduction to the Sanskrit language
  • In-depth study and exploration of the 8-limbs of Yoga
  • Understanding of the permanent and impermanent obstacles
  • The four-paths of Yoga
  • The importance of Meditation
  • Understanding purpose vs. right action
  • Understanding the role of the Self as part of the greater whole.

Core Competencies Taught: History, Philosophy, Ethics and Professional Development

Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:

Yoga Foundations – What to Expect

Training hours run 9am – 5pm each day with a 30min. break for lunch.

Each day will open and close with meditation. Our journey in between will compose of an in-depth conversation (satsang) and sharing of the wisdom of the ancient Yoga masters from India. As this course is centred around theory we will spend most of the day seated. Reading assignments will be given each night and a final assignment will be given in order to receive your certificate of completion.

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Yoga Foundations is one of 5-Modules and counts as 37.5-hours towards your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Training modules can be taken in any order, though Yoga Teaching Skills can only be taken once the other modules have been completed.

37.5 Yoga Alliance CECs available upon completion of this course for current Yoga Teachers already registered with Yoga Alliance.

4 canfitpro CECs available upon completion of this course.

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For the next training dates in Ottawa – click here

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Yoga Foundation Reviews

Lisa’s Yoga Foundations course has created an understanding of yoga that I can’t even properly put into words. I feel like I have a completely brand new appreciation for the practice of yoga after completing foundations. I had previously completed several other courses as a part of Lisa’s Yoga Teacher Training prior to diving into foundations, and I can say that anyone at any stage of their journey into yoga can benefit greatly from this course. Lisa is incredibly educated on the history and philosophy of yoga, and delivers the content in a way that provides wonderful clarity on this phenomenal practice. Thank you Lisa! – Laura P.

Having always loved and practiced Yoga, I thought I knew a lot about it. I’d been on several retreats, enjoyed different studios, knew about the chakras, and was attending class regularly. Throughout Yoga Foundations, I realized that what I knew barely even grazed the surface of what Yoga truly is. Lisa shared a wealth of knowledge about the history, philosophy, and practices of Yoga. Lisa created an environment filled with conversation and passion for Yoga which made it easy to ask questions and share ideas. She also provided a ton of additional resources for more in-depth learning if we desired. This course was the perfect starting point for my Yoga Teacher Training and had me craving for more knowledge! – Sarah R.

I started my journey into Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Foundations course with Lisa Greenbaum. It was the perfect starting point for me! The course was rich in detail and respect for the history and philosophy of Yoga. Lisa’s knowledge and presentation of the material made the course so engaging. Her heart was in each and every word she spoke. I loved it! – Leda G.

I am still buzzing with love and gratitude from spending five days with Lisa at her Yoga Foundations training the past couple of weekends. This course is the first module out of five for the 200hr yoga teacher training program and it was a pleasure to be present and learn from Lisa again after all these years. Lisa has been my teacher and mentor through my Yoga journey for the past 9 years and I am SO glad I decided to take this training again knowing its authentically written and presented with her own perspective. A fantastic presentation of yoga history was offered to the students, all with reverence and much respect for yoga’s complicated roots and traditions. Having gone through a few 200hr trainings already, I was pleasantly surprised that I learned SO much more than I was expecting. It is always a pleasure to be in Lisa’s company and to listen to her yoga lectures. I can’t wait to take more of her trainings in the future. Thank you Lisa for sharing your knowledge and insight with us about a practice that we all love and cherish. I definitely Got It!… and Now it begins. From my heart to yours. – Mandy A.