Understanding that the financial commitment can be a difficult barrier preventing some from pursuing their dreams of becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, our scholarship program has been created in an effort to bridge this gap. In particular, Lisa wouldn’t have had the training opportunities presented to her without an offer of financial help from time to time and now it’s time to pay this forward. 

On September 7, 2024 we will be awarding one scholarship towards the full 200-hr program in each city that the full trainings are being offered each year. In order to be considered you must commit to attending in person all five modules within the next 12 month period – click here for the full schedule of dates by city. 

The application process will include your name and contact info, city where you will take the trainings, a letter of reference by a colleague or friend, and a 300-word letter outlining why you want to become a Yoga Teacher, how this scholarship will help and where you would like to offer classes. 

Deadline to apply: Aug 31, 2024