An 8-week Empowerment Program to Take Charge of Our Mental Health

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It is the small things we do with consistency that create a huge and positive impact in our work, our relationships and our general sense of well-being in the world.

  • We feel strong inside and out.
  • We feel more connected to the flow of life.
  • With reduced stress levels we sleep better, have less pain and are inspired to follow healthier daily practices such as food and exercise.
  • We feel more in charge over our emotions and our mind feels more clear.


The Yoga Therapy 8-week Empowerment Program to Take Charge of Our Mental Health, has been created with this sole purpose in mind. To give you easy to use tools that can be used everyday to help improve your mental health and stress resiliency. Within our 8-weeks together you will learn breathing techniques, simple movements and meditations that anyone can do, no matter your experience with Yoga or movement.

Program includes:

8 x 60min. sessions with a different mental health focus each week – see breakdown below.

3 x downloadable meditations (10min. gratitude meditation, 10min. grounding meditation + a 20min. Yoga Nidra/Sleep meditation).

Journal pages to track progress through the series.

20min. private consultation via zoom to review personalized practice strategies.

The Yoga Therapy Series is for you if you:

  • Want to build your resiliency towards stress.
  • Are brand new to Yoga and looking for somewhere to start.
  • Have been practicing Yoga for a long time and want to get more serious about your practice.
  • Taking care of an injury and need some extra help and feedback.
  • Working through your recovery or past traumas and need a practice that both promotes healing and is trauma-informed.
  • Looking for easy and practical tools to help quiet your anxiety.
  • Looking for easy and practical tools to help draw you away from depression.
  • Are ready to make a commitment to yourself and your mental health around your daily self-care habits.

If you said YES to one of those points, this practice is for you. If you are still not quite sure, please reach out I’m always happy to book a short consultation to help guide you on the right path for you. email:


Each one hour live/virtual session will include an open discussion on the weekly topic and specific Yoga based tools you can use right away including: movement, breath work and meditation.

In our first session together, we will discuss stress resiliency and its impact on our daily life mind, body and spirit. We will review our commitment to the course over our 8 weeks together and enjoy a guided meditation session for clarity and connection. 

We all have moments of high anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. In this session learn breathing and meditation techniques to help quiet feelings of anxiety that you can do both in the moment and on a regular basis. 

Learn breath techniques along with gratitude based meditations to help elevate our emotions when feelings of depression begin to come in. Meeting you where you are at, we build slow here, one step at a time.  

Time to start building daily routines and practices that nurture self-care, help us honour our emotions and increase our mental well-being. Together we will outline the five facets of self to help personalize this work and make it stick. This is where you firm up your commitment to yourself. 

This week is devoted to movement and simple and effective Yoga poses we can do every day to help our bodies manage pain and feel good. Learn both strength and mobility based poses to help us release stored stress from our bodies and counter repetitive movement patterns.  

Understanding how our nervous system processes trauma and chronic stress is a foundational aspect in the healing process. Knowledge is power. Becoming trauma aware helps us understand our past and become more resilient for the future.

Discovering our chakra system and how we move in and out of balance carries our Yoga practice to a deeper level. Learn tools to become grounded, able to go with the flow, more confident, loving, more expressive, clarity in mind and spiritually connected.

Bringing it all together. After 8 weeks and 60 days of practice we are well on the road to creating our own path forward. Reviewing any challenges from the program, additional Q+A and ensuring you have the confidence to take your Yoga tools and practice forward.

Want to read more on the impact of Yoga on our Mental Well-Being? Check out my blog series here: Yoga for Mental Well-Being Blog Series

BONUS GIFT with Registration

Yoga for Mental Health: Daily Practices for Anxiety and Depression

These two online courses include:

  • 45min. Yoga practice for Depression
  • 45min. Yoga practice for Anxiety
  • Daily Checklist for Depression
  • Daily Checklist for Anxiety
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Value $40. CAD


Receive a 5 class pass to use for either (or both) weekly/live virtual Yoga classes – 3 month expiry ($75 CAD value) Recordings also provided for 7 days.

Calm Space Yoga Practice
Active Strength Yoga Class

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Recordings available for each session for the duration of the series.

8 x Live/Virtual Group Yoga Therapy Sessions

20min. Private Consultation

3 x Downloadable Meditations

Personalized Journal Pages

BONUS GIFT: Yoga for Mental Health – Online Course

$477.00 CAD

$397.00 CAD